Office & Domestic Networking through Cable or Wireless for better uses of Hardware and software resources. Your computer network is like the central nervous system of your business. All of your communications, business processes and applications depend on it. PC Solutions & Services provides high range of computer networking which helps you to grow your business.

PC Solutions & Services serves customers in various industries including Telecom, Retail, Insurance, Banking & Financial Services, Hi-Tech & Manufacturing and Media, Publishing & Entertainment sectors.

Wired & Wireless Networking

Many small businesses and homes have a local area network, or LAN, to increase the benefits they receive from their investment in standalone computers. A network allows you to share printers, access to the Internet, and - your most important asset - data.

We work with both wired and wireless networks and networking between 2 and 20 computers. We help you make the network secure so others cannot get to your information or siphon off your Internet. We also can recommend backup solutions so your network data is safe.

We can build custom file-servers and provide all of the networking equipment you need, including switches, routers, and uninterruptible power supplies (battery backups).

We also are authorized retailers of the CLEAR Internet service. CLEAR is an alternative to cable or DSL Internet service.

Network Benefits

  • Reduce costs by sharing high-speed Internet service, printers, and storage
  • Simplify and guarantee backing up of critical data by having it all in one place
  • Ease transfer of files between computers
  • Enable simultaneous data entry by several employees

How PC Solutions & Services Helps You?

  • Provide wireless security that is easy to useā€¦and remember
  • Wireless routers, modems, and backup equipment in stock
  • Purchase DSL or cable modems to avoid monthly leasing costs
  • Share or centralize files and printers so they can be shared